Increasing Your Home's Energy Efficiency with Shutter Installation

More and more, homeowners are looking for ways to decrease their household’s energy costs. Luckily, installing the right window treatments is an excellent way to reduce the amount of energy needed to warm and cool your home. If you’re searching for the right energy-efficient window treatments near San Jose, then read on to learn why you can benefit from installing shutters. window - shutters

Reducing Heat Loss

Your home’s windows play a significant role when it comes to heat loss. To give you an idea of how important it is to make your windows more energy-efficient, a pane of glass can lose 10 times the amount of precious heat than an area of insulated wall of the same size. When you do not install something to prevent the heat from escaping, the warmth that your heating system generates will be lost more rapidly than it would be with some sort of window treatment. This can result in higher energy bills and can also cause your heating unit to work harder and age more quickly. In addition to adding elegance and style to your interiors, installing window shutters can help prevent some of your home’s heat from escaping outdoors over the winter months.

Reducing Heat Gain

Once the peak of summer arrives, many homes have their air conditioners running full blast to stay comfortable and escape the heat. If you dislike how high your energy bills get during the summer season, then you have a great reason to consider shutter installation. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, interior shutters offer you a way to reduce your home’s heat gain in the summer. By creating a solid barrier over your window, shutters can prevent a significant amount of sunlight from streaming through the glass and warming your interiors. Finally, combining shutter installation with shades or curtains allows for more style and light control options to enhance your interior design and reduce your home’s cooling costs.

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