Choosing Energy-Efficient Window Coverings

If you’re considering new window coverings in San Jose, you should find window treatments that are energy efficient. Energy efficient window coverings will reduce your energy bills, maintain a comfortable temperature throughout your home, and make your home more eco-friendly. Here is a look at the different types of energy-efficient window treatments that are available to you. window blinds

Window Shades

Window shades are typically the most energy-efficient choice for window treatments. Honeycomb shades, also called cellular shades, consist of cells in a layered design that can trap air from your heating and cooling system and prevent it from escaping through your windows. They also prevent the transfer of hot or cold air from the outside of your home to the inside. Roller shades are created from sun control fabrics that manage the sun’s heat and glare, preventing the sun from overheating your home. Because the fabric is also slightly translucent, they provide light control and visibility as well as solar protection and heat reduction. Woven wood shades and Roman shades are more sophisticated and elegant options for energy-efficient window treatments.

Window Shutters

Window shutters are both aesthetic and energy efficient. Many people choose window shutters for their window coverings because they are quaint, elegant, and highly customizable. Plantation shutters are carefully fitted to the interior of your windows. Their tight fit and customized size and shape allow them to effectively prevent hot or cold air from escaping or entering through cracks or gaps in your windows. Wood shutters and vinyl shutters are both energy efficient, but wood is better at resisting temperature conductivity.

Window Blinds

Window blinds are generally the least effective option if you want energy-efficient window coverings. They allow you to control the light that enters a room, which does provide some solar protection and heat reduction. Because they aren’t fit as tightly to the size and shape of your window, they don’t do as much to prevent the transfer of heat or cold inside or outside of your home. They are a low-maintenance, affordable window treatment option for rooms that get little sun, however.

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