The Benefits of Choosing Cellular Shades for Your Home

Are you thinking about updating your home with new window coverings? If so, then read on to learn how you could benefit from installing cellular window shades in San Jose. cellular - shades

Attractive Style

Cellular shades boast a versatile appearance that pairs well with many types of décor. These window treatments are available in a broad range of colors and sizes, and you can even find them in vertical varieties that move side-to-side, rather than up and down. While these shades work great in many locations, they are an excellent choice for children’s bedrooms and areas that have a modern or minimalist design.

Save Energy

Of all of the benefits offered by cellular shades, they are most known for their energy-efficient qualities. These window treatments are composed using layers of material that form horizontal channels through the shade which have an appearance that is similar to honeycomb, which explains why they are often referred to as honeycomb shades. Cellular window shades are designed to trap air within the cells and, because inert air is a poor conductor of heat, this means that with these shades installed, your heated interiors can lose less warmth in the winter, and less heat from outside can get into your home in the summer. Because of this, cellular shades are an excellent option for individuals who want to cut back on their household’s energy usage and to reduce their utility costs.

Versatile Design

Cellular shades offer you a number of options that can add function and convenience to your home. First, they can open either horizontally or vertically to allow more natural light into a space, and they also are available in sheer varieties that let some sunlight stream through the material during the day. Also, these window treatments come in cordless varieties that can help make your home safer for children and pets. For these reasons, cellular shades can be an excellent option for many homes.

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