Is it Time to Replace Your Blinds?

If you own window blinds in San Jose, then you probably gain several benefits from these popular window treatments. If you’ve had your blinds for some time, however, then there is a chance that they’re no longer in great condition. There are a few common problems to watch for that could mean you’d benefit from new blinds.

If your blinds no longer hang completely straight because the slats have warped, then they may have become damaged due to heat or humidity. This issue can affect the function of your blinds, as well as detract from their appearance. Another common problem that can occur with older blinds is that they can become difficult or impossible to raise. This issue can be due to a broken lift mechanism, and because this can present a danger to people, it’s important to replace blinds if they are stuck in place.

There are a few more indications that your window blinds are beginning to show their age, and these can include discolorations, frayed or snapped cords, slats that don’t close snugly, or an appearance that is old and out of style.

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