The Beauty of Cellular Shades

Today’s window shades near San Jose offer plenty of different options, so you can choose the window treatment that best suits your home. Your window shades affect the energy efficiency of your home as well as its aesthetic appeal, so it’s important that you choose a window treatment that you will stand by over time. Cellular shades can be a great choice when it comes to privacy, efficiency, and ambience. Keep reading for a look at the beauty of cellular shades.

If you’re looking to limit the amount of light that comes in through your window without completely obscuring it, cellular shades might be the right choice. Cellular shades are translucent, which means they block out some of the light to create a soft glow rather than harsh ultraviolet exposure. The individual cells of the shades contribute to a pleat finish and a honeycomb style. Additionally, you can choose from more than a hundred different fabrics depending on what you hope to achieve with your window shades. Cellular shades even come in different configurations, can be cordless, and can even block out light entirely if you so choose. These shades can make your home more efficient and more comfortable.

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