Cleaning and Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid with Your Plantation Shutters

Like any investment for your home, you will want to avoid common cleaning and maintenance blunders when it comes to caring for your new plantation shutters in San Jose. Continue reading to learn about a few of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Forgetting to Dust Your Shutters

If you dust them regularly, keeping your plantation shutters clean can be quite easy and only requires a few simple materials: A dust cloth or vacuum with a brush attachment, dish soap or vinegar, water, and soft towels. To clean your shutters, use a dust cloth, damp cloth, or vacuum to gently remove dust buildup from each of the slats. Taking care of this simple cleaning step whenever dust starts to accumulate on your shutters is often all the cleaning that they will need. However, washing your shutters once or twice per year can help prevent them from getting grimy or discolored. To do this, use soft cloths and water with a small amount of vinegar or dish soap to clean your plantation shutters.

Using Harsh Materials on Wood

While you should avoid using anything too abrasive on your shutters no matter their material, some types, such as polyclad shutters, can handle harsher cleaning tools and materials than wood shutters, for example. If you have wood plantation shutters, then take care not to use harsh cleaners, rough bristled-brushes, or too much water when cleaning them, as doing so may damage their surface or promote warping.

Not Reading the Warranty

If the warranty for your shutters wasn’t a factor during the product selection process, then you may not have taken the time to read this documentation. If this is the case, then consider doing so now, so you will be aware of what may void the warranty. Waiting until something goes wrong with your shutters to look at their warranty may not do you much good. To help ensure that the warranty for your shutters will remain effective, read through it and learn what may void it.

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