Sprucing up Your Windows Before the Holiday Season

Whether to help your home look its best or enhance the level of comfort of your guests, there is plenty you can do this time of year to take your windows up a notch. Keep reading for ways to spruce up your windows this holiday season using décor and window treatments in San Jose. christmas - lights

Install Window Treatments That Suit Your Interior Design

It’s easy to underestimate how great an impact the right window treatment can have on a space. If you love your flooring and furnishings but find that something is missing from the look of your home’s living areas, then consider your windows. Do their coverings clash with the rest of your home’s styling? Are they faded or outdated? If your window treatments don’t support the overall styling of your interiors, then consider upgrading to new ones this holiday season, for example by installing energy-efficient cellular shades or elegant wood shutters.

Add Light Filtering Window Treatments to Guest Rooms

Because guest rooms tend to be infrequently used, it’s common for them to be styled in ways that support aesthetics rather than comfort. If you’re planning to host guests this season, then take a critical look at your guest room’s furniture and décor while paying close attention to the window treatments. Do they offer plenty of privacy and light control, or do they only function as decoration? If the latter is true, then consider installing blinds or blackout shades to help support the comfort of your guests.

Decorate Your Windows with Winter-Themed Items

When it comes to adding some festive flare to your windows this holiday season, there are plenty of options for you to try. For example, you can place mason jars filled with string lights, chic star and pine tree-shaped decorative items, and vases filled with ilex berry branches on your window sills. To spruce up the rest of the window, consider using string lights, wreaths, and garland made of berry branches, winter greenery, pine cones, or mercury glass.

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