Window Coverings That Can Lower Your Home Heating Costs this Season

There is a constant struggle to reduce heat loss during the winter and save home heating costs. Thankfully, there are attractive and useful window coverings that can provide extra insulation on your windows and reduce your heat loss. The following window coverings—such as cellular and roller shades near San Jose—are energy-efficient options to reduce your heat loss and overall energy costs throughout the year. Let’s take a closer look at your best choices. reduce - heat - cost


Shades are considered the best type of window coverings to reduce heat loss during the winter. Cellular shades, Roman shades, and roller shades should be installed as close to your window glass as possible. This ensures that the least amount of heat escapes so your heater does not need to work overtime. Consider installing reversible shades with a white or light-colored side and a dark side. With the ability to switch your shades according to the season, you can reduce your energy costs throughout the year.


Blinds are a great window covering to keep heat in your home during the winter and reduce heat gain during the summer. Whether you choose horizontal or vertical blinds for your windows, you have the option to modify the blinds as you need for the season. For example, many vertical blinds come with white backing to reduce heat gain during the summer; however, these same blinds can be quickly reversed to show the darker side toward the sun in the winter. The darker side will absorb the sun’s heat and warm your house naturally, which will reduce your heating costs.


Shutters, like many other window coverings, form an energy-efficient barrier when installed over your windows. This barrier provides added insulation against heat loss during the winter and reduces heat gain during the summer. In addition to an attractive and efficient window covering, shutters allow for light to easily enter your house, which can also aid your heat gain efforts during the winter.

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