Answering Your Questions About Shutter Maintenance

Whether you have new shutters in San Jose or you are curious about maintenance, regular cleaning is important to maintain the appearance and quality of your shutters. They should be wiped down or vacuumed regularly, and it is important to minimize as much moisture contact as possible. Continue reading for the answers to some of your questions about shutter maintenance. shutter - maintenance

How can I remove scuffs and smudges?

Scuffs, smudges, and stains can happen even when you regularly maintain your shutters. To remove these accidental mishaps from your shutters, grab a soft brush or a soft cloth. Without using water, rub the spot until it disappears. If it does not disappear, then lightly dampen the cloth and rub a mild detergent to clean the spot. Once your shutters are clean of any smudges or scuffs, dry the treated area to reduce any moisture.

How often should I clean my shutters?

It is best to clean your shutters every 1 to 2 weeks. This ensures that there is no dust or dirt buildup that can cause your household added allergies and illnesses. When vacuuming once a week, add your shutters to your list of areas to vacuum. Use a soft vacuum attachment that can reach all areas of your shutters without causing scratches or scuffs. If you have not cleaned your shutters in several weeks, then your initial cleaning may take more time and effort to remove all of the buildup.

How does cleaning differ between shutter materials?

You have many shutter materials available when picking out new shutters. Vinyl, polywood, and wood shutters are common shutter materials. Though you should check with your shutter installer about cleaning methods, each type should be cleaned the same way. Refrain from using water or moisturizing products—unless it is absolutely necessary—as these can cause shutters to warp or become damaged. Clean each type of shutter every week or so to reduce dirt buildup and keep them well-maintained through the years.

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