What You Should Know About Using Water to Clean Your Shutters

One of the top benefits of installing new shutters in your home is that these window treatments are incredibly easy to clean. In fact, after you install new shutters in San Jose, you will be able to keep your shutters clean by using a nothing but a soft, microfiber cloth. While it may be tempting to wash your plantation shutters with a combination of soap and water, too much moisture can actually damage your window treatments.

As a general rule, you should always keep your wood or poly plantation shutters as dry as possible. If you choose to wipe your shutters down with a very wet rag or sponge, moisture could penetrate the surface of your window treatments and cause damage. Prolonged exposure to moist conditions could eventually cause your shutters to warp, bend, or crack. Whenever possible, it is a much better idea to simply dust the surface of your shutters or gently wipe them down with an approved cleaning solution.

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