How to Care for Your Wood Shutters

Your wood shutters near San Jose do not require much maintenance to remain beautiful and strong. These window treatments can withstand the daily wear and tear of your life with regular dusting and minimal cleaning. This simple and regular maintenance will prevent a buildup of annoying and damaging dust and allergens in your home. Read on for a quick guide to caring for your wood shutters. wood - shutters

Dust Every Week

All types of window treatments should be dusted on a regular basis. This dusting can remove the buildup of dust, dirt, and allergens that collect in high volumes near the window. Wood shutters should be dusted, at least once a week, with a microfiber or electrostatic duster. These tools will remove dust particles without difficulty or damage to the shutters.

Avoid Damaging Stains

Stains can occur anywhere in your house, including your window treatments. Minimize the amount of stains or damages to your wood shutters by remaining aware of the immediate vicinity. For example, shutters in your kitchen should be protected against dirty water and food particles that may come out of a nearby sink or stove. Avoid damaging stains by reducing the level of activity near your wood shutters.

Wash with Mild Detergents

If a stain occurs on your shutters, then remove it immediately using a mild solution of soap and water. You can also give all of your shutters a simple cleaning every few months with this same solution. Use a soft brush to “paint” on the soapy water and the rinsing water. Wash your shutters with minimal amount of water and soap to avoid damaging the wood and causing it to warp.

Dry with Cotton Cloths

Use a clean, cotton cloth to remove any traces of water and soap from the shutters. This cloth will protect the look and integrity of the wood shutters for several years to come. It is also important to ensure that your shutters are completely dry. This will prevent premature warping or rotting.

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