The Anatomy of Your Plantation Shutters

Wood, vinyl, and poly plantation shutters each have unique characteristics, but they share many of the same design features. If you recently installed plantation shutters in San Jose, then read on for insight into their anatomy. plantation - shutters


The frame plays an important role in the overall look of shutters, as it serves to border the louvers much like a picture frame would a painting. Also, your shutters’ frame helps to create a cohesive and built-in look for the window treatment.


The shutter louvers are the adjustable, horizontal slats, and they are what make plantation shutters so recognizable. Louvers come in several different sizes, and different sizes can support various interior design styles. For example, wider louvers are considered more contemporary, while smaller ones are often thought of as more traditional.


Every plantation shutter has a top rail and a bottom rail, and these are the horizontal crosspieces located directly above and below the louvers. If your shutters each have a bottom and top half, then the part that divides the two sections is called the divider rail.


Running vertically on either side of the louvers are the shutter stiles. The stiles serve a structural function and are connected to the shutter rails.

Tilt Rods

Tilt rods are mechanisms that allow the shutter louvers to move together in unison, and they can be used to adjust the angle of the shutter louvers. Tilt rods are usually thin, vertical pieces, and there is typically one located in the center of each shutter section. When positioned in the center of the shutter, these components are referred to as center tilt rods. If you dislike the look of center tilt rods, then you probably selected shutters that have the tilt rods located on the back. These options, called hidden tilt rods, are a less conspicuous alternative to center tilt rods. If you have shutters with hidden tilt rods, then you can adjust your shutters by manually angling the louvers up or down.

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