Plantation Shutters in San Jose

Plantation shutters are the window treatment of choice for countless homeowners. These elegant coverings are a perfect marriage of function and beauty. Plantation shutters allow for a clear, unobstructed view, yet also provide complete privacy when desired. They are contemporary in design, yet traditionalist in appearance. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters near San Jose, CA, offers the considerable expertise of our plantation shutter specialists. During your complimentary consultation, we’ll help you identify the perfect type of plantation shutter to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Wood Shutters

Traditional craftsmanship and modern technology come together to bring homeowners exceptional quality in wood plantation shutters. We start with 100% American Basswood. Each piece is hand-selected to ensure superior quality. The solid wood pieces are then sanded by hand. We apply our proprietary kiln-dried finish for durability. Our exhaustive preparatory process includes two coats of primer and two coats of finish stain or paint. Our custom options allow you to choose your preferred stain or paint finish that seamlessly matches your home décor.

Polyclad Shutters

Polyclad shutters are developing an enviable reputation for beauty and strength, durability and resiliency. Polyclad shutters are uniquely designed to combine a pure wood core embraced by a polyester resin (polyresin) shell. The solid wood core resists warping and sagging, allowing homeowners to enjoy the beauty of their custom shutters for years to come. The polyresin coating is comprised of a durable resin compound. When dried, this coating is practically unbreakable. It resists the damaging effects of sunlight, instead retaining its superior color. Plus, our polyclad shutters require very little maintenance; occasional dusting is all that’s needed to preserve their beauty. The polyclad plantation shutters available from Bay Area Vinyl Shutters are approved by the California Fire Marshall, thanks to their fire-retardant qualities. They are also available in specialty shapes to fit every home’s design.

AllView Shutters

Plantation shutters are unquestionably among the most popular choices for homeowners because they add beauty and value to the home, but the upfront investment may dissuade some homeowners from selecting them. To solve this problem, Bay Area Vinyl Shutters is pleased to offer our AllView Shutters—our most cost-effective option in plantation shutters. There are incredible features that are unique to this product, including the patented rear tilt control system. The hidden tilt stays out of sight, yet allows for wide-open views whenever you wish. Our AllView Shutters are carefully crafted with our proprietary WoodTex Finish, which gives them the look of beautifully painted wood without the hassle of maintenance. AllView Shutters resist moisture and damage, provide extra insulation for your home, and easily wipe clean.

Bay Area Vinyl Shutters near San Jose invites homeowners to tour our factory showroom. Call (800) 897-1444 to request more information about our exquisite plantation shutters.