Common Questions About Selecting Shutters

Window Coverings

When you choose to install new window shutters in San Jose , you have many choices, and you may begin asking questions about how to select the right shutters. These questions typically revolve around the different colors, shapes, and types of materials available for interior shutters. Continue reading for the answer to some of your questions about selecting new shutters, and consult with your shutter installer for further information. window - shutters

What are the different types of shutter materials?

There are four popular shutter materials: Vinyl, polyclad, composite, and wood. Each material has different attributes, and choosing the right material depends on your personal preference. Vinyl is a sturdy shutter material that requires minimal maintenance. Polyclad window shutters have a hardwood core with vinyl wrapped around it. Composite shutters are made from a mix of wood and other materials to give you an inexpensive and attractive window treatment. Wood shutters are sealed and finished to give you a durable shutter that can match your color preferences. Your shutter installer can help you choose the best material to suit your home.

Can I install shutters on differently-shaped windows?

Window shutters are the perfect window treatment to outfit oddly-shaped windows. If you have accent windows that are difficult to cover with other types of window coverings, then shutters are the best choice. Window shutters can be customized to fit accent windows with curves, angles, and arches. Speak with your shutter installer about customizing your new shutters to fit all of your windows.

What colors and styles are available for shutters?

Shutters can come in a variety of colors and styles to match your interior design and personal preference. Depending on the material you choose, your shutters may be stainable to enhance a natural wood color and grain pattern. If you prefer a contemporary appearance, then you may desire white vinyl or polyclad shutters. Shutters can also come in other contemporary colors, such as blue, red, or green.

Keeping Your Vinyl Mini Blinds Looking Like New

It is important to keep your blinds and window coverings in good shape, because they will last longer and look more attractive. If you have vinyl window treatments near San Jose, then you can easily keep them cleaned throughout their lifetime. Here is a brief look at how to maintain your vinyl mini blinds:

As you can see in the video, blinds should be dusted regularly to remove daily dust and dirt buildup. Remove mild stains or spatters with a damp, clean cloth. If your vinyl window treatments are exceptionally dirty, then detach them from the window and spray them outside with warm water. Dry them off with a clean towel, and hang them back up when they are completely dry. If you have any questions about regular maintenance and cleaning, then consult with your window treatment installer.

Reasons to Choose Bay Area Vinyl Shutters

Bay Area Vinyl Shutters

The right shutters in San Jose will improve the curbside appeal of your home and increase your efficiency, but how do you know what kind of window shutters are right for you? When you work with caring professionals, you can trust that you will be steered in the right direction. Check out this video clip for reasons to choose Bay Area Vinyl Shutters .

When you work with Bay Area Vinyl Shutters, you can rest assured that you will be taken care of. Our team is regarded for its attention to detail and its commitment to customer service, and the products we sell are aesthetic and durable. Our vinyl shutters will keep their shape when wooden shutters expand and contract, and they can help you save money on your energy bills by offering insulation. It’s our job to keep customers happy before, during, and after they’ve gotten their window treatments.

The Beauty of Cellular Shades

Cellular Shade Colors

Today’s window shades near San Jose offer plenty of different options, so you can choose the window treatment that best suits your home. Your window shades affect the energy efficiency of your home as well as its aesthetic appeal, so it’s important that you choose a window treatment that you will stand by over time. Cellular shades can be a great choice when it comes to privacy, efficiency, and ambience. Keep reading for a look at the beauty of cellular shades.

If you’re looking to limit the amount of light that comes in through your window without completely obscuring it, cellular shades might be the right choice. Cellular shades are translucent, which means they block out some of the light to create a soft glow rather than harsh ultraviolet exposure. The individual cells of the shades contribute to a pleat finish and a honeycomb style. Additionally, you can choose from more than a hundred different fabrics depending on what you hope to achieve with your window shades. Cellular shades even come in different configurations, can be cordless, and can even block out light entirely if you so choose. These shades can make your home more efficient and more comfortable.

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