How to Care for Your Wood Shutters

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Your wood shutters near San Jose do not require much maintenance to remain beautiful and strong. These window treatments can withstand the daily wear and tear of your life with regular dusting and minimal cleaning. This simple and regular maintenance will prevent a buildup of annoying and damaging dust and allergens in your home. Read on for a quick guide to caring for your wood shutters . wood - shutters

Dust Every Week

All types of window treatments should be dusted on a regular basis. This dusting can remove the buildup of dust, dirt, and allergens that collect in high volumes near the window. Wood shutters should be dusted, at least once a week, with a microfiber or electrostatic duster. These tools will remove dust particles without difficulty or damage to the shutters.

Avoid Damaging Stains

Stains can occur anywhere in your house, including your window treatments. Minimize the amount of stains or damages to your wood shutters by remaining aware of the immediate vicinity. For example, shutters in your kitchen should be protected against dirty water and food particles that may come out of a nearby sink or stove. Avoid damaging stains by reducing the level of activity near your wood shutters.

Wash with Mild Detergents

If a stain occurs on your shutters, then remove it immediately using a mild solution of soap and water. You can also give all of your shutters a simple cleaning every few months with this same solution. Use a soft brush to “paint” on the soapy water and the rinsing water. Wash your shutters with minimal amount of water and soap to avoid damaging the wood and causing it to warp.

Dry with Cotton Cloths

Use a clean, cotton cloth to remove any traces of water and soap from the shutters. This cloth will protect the look and integrity of the wood shutters for several years to come. It is also important to ensure that your shutters are completely dry. This will prevent premature warping or rotting.

Using Shutters to Enhance Any Room in Your Home

Shutters come in many shapes, sizes, and colors . This versatile quality can help you outfit every room in your home with beautiful and durable shutters. Here is a closer look at how to use shutters in San Jose to enhance your home:

You can choose different window shutter materials—such as natural wood, vinyl, and polyclad shutters—throughout your home. For example, a child’s bedroom will look great with a colorful, vinyl shutter, and you will not have to worry about accidental staining or damages. You can place shutters in your accent windows to filter in natural light throughout your living room and kitchen. If you have bay windows, then you may prefer large vinyl or wooden shutters to block or allow in light as you prefer. Watch the attached video for more ideas to enhance your home with shutters.

Reducing the Carbon Footprint of Your Home

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If you are concerned with your home’s carbon footprint, then consider the many ways you can reduce how much energy comes from your home. You can install window treatments , such as roller shades near San Jose, to prevent extreme temperatures and escaping air. You can also invest in energy efficient appliances. Read on to learn the different ways to reduce your carbon footprint. carbon - footprint

Invest in Efficient Furnishings

There are many types of household furnishings that will reduce the amount of carbon emissions in and around your home. The most notable are your window treatments. If you invest in high-quality window treatments—such as plantation shutters or window shades—then you will reduce the amount of air that enters and escapes from your home. This reduction in hot and cold air will minimize how often you run your heater and air conditioner.

Choose Efficient Appliances

In addition to outfitting your home with energy efficient window shades, choose energy efficient appliances. These appliances should include your HVAC system, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, and dishwasher. Look for the Energy Star rating to advise you on the most energy efficient choices for your home. You can reduce how much water and electricity you use by choosing highly-rated appliances.

Insulate Your Home

Your window treatments provide an extra layer of insulation, but you require true insulation in your attic, crawlspace, and walls. If your home is not properly insulated, then it will likely feel hotter or colder than it should. This temperature fluctuation will cause you to overuse your HVAC system, which will use more electricity and increase your carbon footprint. Consult an insulation expert to determine where to improve insulation in your home.

Examine Daily Waste

A significant contributor to a home’s carbon footprint comes from your daily waste. If you use plastic water bottles, eat with plastic and paper products, and throw away food often, then you may have a high carbon footprint. Examine your daily waste to see what can be recycled, reused, and reduced. For example, install an inexpensive water filter to replace plastic water bottles to reduce your carbon footprint.

What Sets Bay Area Vinyl Shutters Apart?

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There are many attributes that set Bay Area Vinyl Shutters apart from other window treatment companies near San Jose. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters has been making window treatment products for over 40 years, and those exceptional products go straight to Bay Area customers. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters cuts out the middle man and delivers amazing shutters, roller shades, and blinds directly to the people. Let’s take a closer look at how Bay Area Vinyl Shutters stand above the rest when it comes to window treatments.

Bay Area Vinyl Shutters designs, manufactures, and installs its diverse selection of window treatments. This hands-on, customer-oriented business model is becoming increasingly rare, but Bay Area Vinyl Shutters has continued its mission to provide affordable, durable, and attractive window treatments for over 40 years. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters also allows customers to visit the factory to get an up-close look at the manufacturing process. This is a great benefit to customers and employees to get a better understanding of the custom designing and manufacturing involved in different window treatments. Learn more about Bay Area Vinyl Shutters and what sets it apart by visiting online or calling to request a consultation.

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