Dealing with Unsightly Spotting on Your Shutters


When you are shopping for new window treatments that are incredibly easy to maintain, plantation shutters may be the best choice for your needs. After you install new shutters in San Jose , you can rest assured that your window treatments will be resistant to dirt, mold, and fading. After you wash your new shutters for the first time, however, you may notice that water spots remain once the vinyl material has dried. Fortunately, there are a couple of simple steps that you can take to remove unsightly spots from your vinyl shutters.

To eliminate spotting on your shutters, it is critical that you wash them using distilled water. Hard water may contain minerals and other substances that can leave a spotted residue on the shutter’s surfaces. By cleaning your shutters with distilled water and dish soap, you will be able to remove dirt and dust, without creating spots. A simple cleaning solution of distilled water and mild dish soap is all that you will need to keep your shutters looking their best.

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Should I Repair or Replace My Shutters?

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When you install new shutters around your home, you can trust that your window treatments have been built to last for many decades. Over the years, however, your plantation shutters may experience natural wear and tear. If you have started to notice that your poly plantation shutters are damaged or broken, contact a company that sells and repair shutters in San Jose. Read on for a closer look at some tips that will help you decide between repairing or replacing your shutters. home - shutters

Evaluate the Louvers

The louver is a device that allows you to open and close your shutters with ease. If you are determining whether your shutters need to be repaired or replaced, consider whether your louver is still functioning. Oftentimes, the louver can simply be replaced or moved into the correct position. If your shutter problems are the result of a louver issue, you can typically repair the issue, without needing to replace the entire shutter system.

Look at the Magnets

Depending on the style of shutters that are installed in your home, they may be held in place with powerful magnets. As the magnets are exposed to UV rays over the course of the years, they may start to slip out of place. When your shutter’s magnets are broken or out of position, your shutter repair contractor can often provide you with a simple adjustment that will repair the issue. If more than one shutter is experiencing magnet problems, however, you may want to consider a shutter replacement.

Inspect the Condition of the Panels

If your shutter problems are primarily cosmetic, you may be a good candidate for shutter replacement. After many years, your shutter panels may start to show signs of wear and tear. When your shutters start to detract from the appeal of your indoor spaces, talk to a shutter installation specialist about the possibility of setting up a replacement. Brand new shutters will dramatically improve the look of your home.

All About Cellular Shades

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Sometimes referred to as honeycomb shades, cellular shades are a type of window dressing made using at least 2 layers of fabric. These layers are joined to form honeycomb-like cells that are visible from the sides of the shade. If you’re planning to enhance your home with new window treatments in San Jose, then continue reading to learn more about cellular window shades . cellular - shades

Attractive Look

Cellular shades have an aesthetically pleasing appearance, and many of the available designs feature light-colored fabrics that can lend a soft glow to your spaces during the day and brighten up your walls in the evenings. Also, their honeycomb design gives these window treatments a pleated structure that looks stylish and elegant. Cellular shades are available in cordless varieties, giving them a streamlined appearance while providing better convenience and safety for your family.

Energy Efficiency

Cellular shades look great, but it’s their energy-efficient qualities that often lead people to consider these window treatments for their home. The honeycomb structure of these shades is designed to trap air near windows, which helps prevent the warmer or colder air from drifting into the home. In this way, these window treatments can cut your heating and cooling costs by increasing your home’s energy efficiency.

Versatile Application

Cellular window shades are available in a wide selection of fabric types and colors, many of which are in adaptable neutrals and soft pastels. This advantage allows you to choose options which coordinate well with your interior décor. Additionally, cellular shades come in a range of light filtering options that offer room brightening or darkening qualities, and they’re even available in blackout styles.

Additional Benefits

Besides being energy-efficient, elegant, and versatile, cellular shades have several more qualities for you to consider. First, because of their energy-efficient nature, installing cellular shades in your home can increase its value. Second, the light filtering options can provide your family with better comfort. Finally, the design that allows them to trap air also lets cellular shades absorb sound and offer noise reduction qualities.

Are You Throwing Money Out Your Windows?

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Investing in energy-efficient window treatments near San Jose , such as certain blinds, shutters, and roller shades, can help prevent heat gain in summer and heat loss in winter. However, if your windows themselves aren’t performing well, then you won’t enjoy the maximum benefits of these options. Keep reading to learn 3 methods of determining if you might be throwing money out your windows. window - blinds

Visual Inspection

To learn if your conditioned air is escaping outside, start by performing a visual inspection of the windows in your home. This process should involve taking a close look at both the interior and exterior sides of your windows. From the inside, look for gaps or hints of daylight around your window frames and ensure that their weather stripping is in good condition. On the outside, watch for areas where old caulking has deteriorated and left gaps between the siding and the window frame.

Smoke Test

Even if you found some problem areas around your windows through a visual inspection, there may be additional issues that are difficult to see. To identify these potential air leaks, you can conduct a smoke test. For this process, begin by closing each door and window, and then turn off your combustion appliances, such as water heaters and furnaces. Now, to create negative pressure in your home, turn on the exhaust fans in your bathroom and kitchen. Finally, light an incense stick and hold it near the edges of your windows. Any noticeable change in the direction of the smoke can be a sign of an air leak nearby.

Energy Audit

If you’re committed to improving your home’s energy efficiency and want to track down additional problem areas, then consider scheduling a professional energy audit. During this process, the auditor may search for signs of poor energy efficiency by examining insulation, using an infrared camera, conducting a blower door test, and checking furnace ductwork. This type of service offers you a great way to learn how much energy your home uses and what measures might make it more energy-efficient.