Why You Should Purchase Blinds from Reputable Companies

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There are many horror stories about customers who purchase blinds from subpar and disreputable companies. They may end up with a broken product, high maintenance costs, and receive poor service. You can avoid these experiences by purchasing your San Jose blinds from a reputable window treatment company that has decades of experience and positive customer service stories to back it up. Read on to learn why you should purchase your window blinds from a reputable company near you.

Disreputable companies often deal in subpar materials, such as low-quality wood or polyvinyl for their blinds. These low-quality materials can lead to unattractive window blinds that may warp, break, and fade over a short period of time. Reputable companies will only work with high-quality materials, exceptional manufacturers, and verified techniques that will produce beautiful blinds that will stand the test of time. In addition to high-quality products, a reputable company will offer great warranties to back up their claims of exceptional manufacturing.

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Easy Tips for Cleaning Pleated Blinds

Cleaning Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds make attractive window treatments near San Jose , because they filter in sunlight without allowing in overwhelming heat. These blinds, like all other types of window treatments, will become dirty, dusty, and stained over time. It is important to clean them regularly to ensure they are well-maintained and will remain in use for many years. Watch the attached video and continue reading for a few easy tips to clean pleated blinds.

  • Once a week, dust or vacuum the blinds with a clean microfiber cloth or special vacuum attachment.
  • If there are noticeable stains—from food or dirt—then conduct a small spot treatment as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • If the window blinds are heavily soiled with dust, dirt, or stains, then contact a reputable window treatment cleaning company to perform a heavy-duty washing.

Which Type of Shutter Is Right for You?

Exterior Window Shutters

If you are seeking new window treatments for your home, consider making the switch to shutters. These options offer fantastic energy efficiency, and they will also provide your home with unique style. A company that sells polyclad shutters and plantation shutters near San Jose can provide you with a wide assortment of options when you are shopping for your new window coverings. To help you decide what type of window treatment will be right for you, here is a look at some of the shutter options that are available for your home: wood - blinds

Solid Poly Shutters

Solid poly shutters, which are also known as plantation shutters, are a popular option for many homeowners. These innovative window coverings are crafted from a poly product, which offers the look of natural wood, but at a fraction of the cost. When you install solid poly shutters over all of the windows in your home, you may find that your house is much more energy efficient during every season of the year.

Wood Shutters

For those homeowners who are seeking all-natural materials for their window treatments, wood shutters are a fantastic choice. When you purchase your wood shutters, you can feel great knowing that your window treatments have been fabricated in the United States by expert craftsmen. Wood shutters offer the same energy efficient qualities as solid poly shutters, and they will insulate your windows from UV radiation and cold outdoor temperatures.

AllView Shutters

AllView Shutters are perfect for homeowners who would like to preserve their beautiful outdoor views, while still improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Your new AllView shutters will be built out of lightweight materials that are both durable and insulating. Using a streamlined tilt control system, you will be able to easily adjust your AllView shutters to highlight the beautiful scenery that is just outside of your windows. No matter what type of shutter you purchase, you are sure to be pleased with the energy-efficient properties of your new window treatments.

Restoring Your Vinyl Shutters

Vinyl Shutters

New vinyl shutters in San Jose will provide your windows with fantastic visual appeal. Throughout the seasons, however, sunlight can cause the surface of your shutters to fade. In this video, you will receive some quick tips for restoring your vinyl shutters. Using a special cleaning and restoration product, you can wipe down your shutters and restore their original color and condition.

When you are ready to install new vinyl shutters throughout your home, be sure to consult with a company that specializes in shutter installation. Brand new plantation shutters are a terrific option for many homeowners, and these durable window treatments will be designed to last for many years without fading or discoloration.