The Anatomy of Your Plantation Shutters

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Wood, vinyl, and poly plantation shutters each have unique characteristics, but they share many of the same design features. If you recently installed plantation shutters in San Jose , then read on for insight into their anatomy. plantation - shutters


The frame plays an important role in the overall look of shutters, as it serves to border the louvers much like a picture frame would a painting. Also, your shutters’ frame helps to create a cohesive and built-in look for the window treatment.


The shutter louvers are the adjustable, horizontal slats, and they are what make plantation shutters so recognizable. Louvers come in several different sizes, and different sizes can support various interior design styles. For example, wider louvers are considered more contemporary, while smaller ones are often thought of as more traditional.


Every plantation shutter has a top rail and a bottom rail, and these are the horizontal crosspieces located directly above and below the louvers. If your shutters each have a bottom and top half, then the part that divides the two sections is called the divider rail.


Running vertically on either side of the louvers are the shutter stiles. The stiles serve a structural function and are connected to the shutter rails.

Tilt Rods

Tilt rods are mechanisms that allow the shutter louvers to move together in unison, and they can be used to adjust the angle of the shutter louvers. Tilt rods are usually thin, vertical pieces, and there is typically one located in the center of each shutter section. When positioned in the center of the shutter, these components are referred to as center tilt rods. If you dislike the look of center tilt rods, then you probably selected shutters that have the tilt rods located on the back. These options, called hidden tilt rods, are a less conspicuous alternative to center tilt rods. If you have shutters with hidden tilt rods, then you can adjust your shutters by manually angling the louvers up or down.

Don’t Neglect Your Windows When Your Cleaning Your Shutters

Cleaning Your Shutters

Regularly cleaning your shutters in San Jose is one of the most effective ways to keep them looking like new. However, to get the most from your efforts, you should consider washing your windows at the same time. Watch this video for tips on getting a streak-free finish when cleaning your windows.

To make your cleaning solution, add distilled vinegar and water to a spray bottle. Then, spray the surface of the window with the solution. Next, use newspaper instead of a rag or paper towel to wipe down the glass. Finally, try not to leave any moisture behind on the window, as this is what leads to streaks.

The Many Advantages of AllView Shutters

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There are many benefits that come with installing AllView poly shutters in San Jose, such as increased insulation and high durability. AllView shutters are popular and attractive window treatments that are easily maintained and low in price to give homeowners a high-quality product without the associated high cost. Let’s take a closer look at the many advantages that come with owning AllView shutters. window - shutters

Increased Insulation

One of the benefits to installing any type of window treatment is the added insulation throughout the house. AllView window shutters provide a thick, yet attractive, layer of insulation on each of the windows. This insulation creates a more energy-efficient house that will resist air leakage and rising energy costs. AllView shutters will also block the harmful rays from the sun that cause increased temperatures and damages to floors and furniture.

Higher Durability

AllView treatments are made from high-quality materials that make them almost indestructible. They will resist scratches, fading, warping, chipping, and cracking throughout their long lifetimes. AllView window treatments can last for decades and still look brand-new with only routine, simple maintenance.

Cleaner Finish

AllView window treatments are made from a poly-wood combination that leaves an attractive and clean finish. This material makes the shutters look and feel as if they are painted, but there are no harmful chemicals or emissions commonly associated with other materials. For example, AllView treatments do not contain any formaldehyde or volatile organic compounds, also known as VOCs. This cleaner finish will ensure there are no environmental impacts to the house or inhabitants.

Easy Maintenance

Window treatment maintenance should be a concern for any homeowner, because routine maintenance keeps treatments attractive and continually working throughout their lifetimes. AllView treatments are one of the most easily-maintained in the market, because of their durable materials and simple designs. They only require a wipe-down with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt buildup. There is no risk of warping, staining, or removing paint with this simple maintenance.

What Are Solid Poly Shutters?

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Solid poly refers to the polyvinyl material used to create durable, wood-like poly plantation shutters near San Jose. These shutters are attractive, due to their resemblance to wood, and incredibly sturdy against the normal wear and tear that negatively effects other shutters. If you have been considering updating your home’s window treatments, then take advantage of solid poly treatments that will keep your cleaning routine to a minimum and beautify your home. Here is a better look at solid poly shutters : solid - poly

They are a wood-like shutter.

Solid poly shutters are the perfect alternative to wood shutters and blinds. If you want a wooden window treatment—but you do not want the hassle or the cost—then a solid poly shutter is a great compromise. Poly plantation shutters, as they are commonly known, are made completely from a polyvinyl solution that creates the look of real wood without the cost or maintenance requirements often associated with real wood shutters.

They are an easily-maintained shutter.

Many different window coverings require extensive maintenance, such as washing drapes or staining wooden shutters. Solid poly treatments, however, will have the appearance of wood, but they will not need to be stained or painted throughout their lifetimes. Solid poly is very easy to maintain, which will keep your maintenance costs low over the decades of use that you can expect. These treatments only require a dusting or wipe-down from a clean, damp cloth to remove the buildup of dust, dirt, and allergens.

They are a durable shutter.

Due to the materials used and manufacturing of solid poly shutters, they are highly durable and able to withstand years of use. Solid poly treatments will never warp or crack like natural wood, and they will resist scratching, denting, and blemishing that might occur to painted treatments. This high durability factor means your poly plantation shutters could last for decades in your home and never change in their appearance or quality of use.