Horizontal Blinds in San Jose, CA

Horizontal blinds have been the go-to window treatment for millions of homeowners since the 1700s, and no, that’s not a typo! If you’re ready to add a fresh new look to your home or office, Bay Area Vinyl Shutters helps you transform your interior spaces quickly and easily. We offer a variety of horizontal blinds and window treatments in San Jose, CA, to fit your needs, and you can rest assured knowing that we have provided the highest quality products since 1972.

Ultimate control, ultimate comfort

Some days you want to let the sun in, full-blast; other days, not so much. Whatever mood you’re in, horizontal blinds can accommodate you. Unlike shades, horizontal blinds allow you to control the amount of light you let into your interior space. They’re available in bead and reel operating systems, or can be automated for ultimate ease and comfort. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters offers the following models of horizontal blinds:

  • Aluminum horizontal blinds: Aluminum blinds help fight against corrosion from internal or external damage. As you lower your blinds with the pull cord, you can also rotate them with a tilt wand to allow the desired amount of light in.
  • Poly Wood horizontal blinds: Poly wood blinds consist of first run Geon pellets and are a solid polymer. To make sure your poly wood blinds are durable, we produce them with high-quality metal and polycarbonate components.

Which model would best suit your needs? Read on.

Aluminum vinyl blinds

At Bay Area Vinyl Shutters, our Aluminum Vinyl Mini Blinds come in either 1″ or 2″ widths. The 1″ mini blinds are contemporary and modern, while the 2″ blinds are reminiscent of the original Venetian blinds and give you a stylish retro look.

Our Deluxe 1″ Aluminum Vinyl Mini Blinds are made with a superior 1 1/2” steel headrail for extra durability. The slats are virgin aluminum for maximum strength, flexibility and resistance to internal and external corrosion. They are raised and lowered with a pull cord.A tilt wand rotates the slats allowing for varying degrees of privacy and light control. The Deluxe 1″ Mini Blind is our highest quality mini blind and is available in a variety of colors. They are made at our Milpitas, CA, manufacturing facility and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Our 2″ Aluminum Vinyl Mini Blinds are also made with an exceptional 2″ steel head rail providing the best durability. The slats are virgin aluminum for maximum strength, flexibility and resistance to internal and external corrosion. The 2″ Mini Blinds function the same as the 1″ Mini Blinds with a pull cord and wand to raise and lower the slats and provide light control. They are American-made, available in a variety of colors, and come with a limited lifetime warranty. Our 2″ PVC Mini Blinds are manufactured with a smooth curved PVC finish. This horizontal blind still has the same 2” headrail, but a steel bottom rail for strength, and the 35-gauge slats make it nearly indestructible blind.

Poly Wood horizontal blinds

Poly Wood horizontal blinds, also known as Faux Wood blinds, are distinguished by quality craftsmanship and durability. The advantage to our Poly Wood blinds in San Jose, CA, is that they are made with first run Geon pellets, unlike Faux Wood blinds which are second run and diminish the quality of the polymer. Our Poly Wood blinds are also a solid polymer unlike some Faux Wood blinds that are hollow. Poly Wood blinds have 2″ wide louvers providing your home with a beautiful view and a traditional style. Poly Wood blinds offer the beauty and elegance of Wood Blinds and the long-lasting and easy to care for benefits of poly materials. There are several paint colors as well a wood stain tones to choose from when selecting Poly Wood blinds, enabling you to create the perfect look in your home.

Poly Wood blind products are produced with the highest quality metal and polycarbonate components and are built with a roll-formed, 2″ heavy-duty steel headrail further increasing the strength and stability of the product. The operating components on the Poly Wood blinds are secured inside the headrail by means of snap-in fittings. The cord lock incorporates a stainless steel wear guard and has a crash resistant safety feature that locks the blind automatically once the lift cords are released. The Poly Wood blind cord locks are designed to reduce the weight of the blinds by 30%. To provide smooth operation and tight slat closure, the cord tilter utilizes a steel gear housing, while the wand tilter option incorporates heavy duty components ensuring longevity. All of Bay Area Vinyl Shutter’s Poly Wood Horizontal blinds are manufactured in our factory in Milpitas, CA.

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