Plantation Shutters in San Jose, CA

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Polyclad Shutters

Smallest Environmental Footprint of any shutter available. There is no window covering that enhances the beauty of your home and sculptures light quite as elegantly as vinyl Plantation Shutters. Our Polyclad Plantation Shutters in San Jose combine elegance and functionality like no other window covering. What makes the Polyclad Plantation Shutter unique is it is actually a hardwood shutter inside a poly skin.

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Solid Poly Shutters

Vinyl Plantation Shutters are often called “The Ultimate Window Treatment,” and with our Poly Plantation Shutters, you receive the exquisite look of wood shutters with all the advantages of a Poly shutter. Our Poly Plantation Shutters in San Jose are a solid poly product giving them strength, endurance and beauty.

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Wood Shutters

Yellow Room with Wood Shutters
Our Painted Hardwood Plantation Shutters in San Jose are made in the USA with traditional quality craftsmanship. Each Wood Shutter is hand sanded and then painted using a proprietary Kiln Dried finish technology to get the highest quality and most durable finish.

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AllView Shutters

The Splendor of shutters without the high price! The AllView Shutter is our most economically priced plantation shutter. it features a unique hidden tilt control system which allows for a wide open and clean view out your window. The AllView Shutter is made with a durable poly resin material and has a low maintenance WoodTex finish giving it the look & feel of painted wood shutters.

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