AllView Shutters in San Jose

The splendor of shutters without the high price!

The AllView Shutter is our most economically priced plantation shutter in San Jose. It features a unique hidden tilt control system which allows for a wide open and clean view out your window.

Beautiful louvered views, attractive curb appeal and a great value make Allview the perfect window covering!

While all plantation shutters offer a wealth of benefits – including outstanding light control and the ability to increase the resale value of your home – AllView’s unique Poly Shutters offer even more advantages for you:

  • Unobstructed Views
    • AllView’s patented rear tilt control system gives you wide open and unobstructed louvered views; the hidden tilter doesn’t mar the beauty of today’s French-style windows.
  • Clean and Contemporary Look
    • These indoor shutters have no unsightly tilter “mouse holes” or unattractive staples that can pull out or rust.
  • Proprietary WoodTex Finish
    • Gives your shutters the look and feel of painted of shutters without their associated costs, maintenance hassles or negative environmental impacts.
  • AllView Shutters have no paint, formaldehyde or VOCs.
  • Extreme Durability
    • One of the biggest advantages of AllView is that these shutters are virtually indestructible. AllView resists dents and scratches, and will not warp, chip, shrink, crack, fade, peel, mildew or mold. Your AllView Poly Shutters will look just as beautiful twenty years from now as they do today.
  • Moisture Resistance
    • AllView Shutters can even be used in kitchen windows (behind the sink) and in steamy bathrooms.
  • Excellent Insulation
    • Allview shutters help insulate your home and improve its temperature control. Stay warmer in winter and cooler in the summer and enjoy lower energy bills all year long.
  • Easy to Clean
    • AllView Shutters simply wipes clean with a damp cloth because there is no paint or wood stain to worry about.
  • Added Safety
    • No dangerous hanging cords and fire resistant.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty Immediate Availability
    • Made in America. Which means that you will have your shutters in less time.

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