Shutters & Energy Efficiency Drapes in San Jose

Shades and shutters do even more than add curb appeal and privacy—these beautiful and versatile window coverings also improve your home’s energy efficiency for greater comfort and energy savings you can enjoy all year long. At Bay Area Vinyl Shutters, we manufacture and install a wide variety of shutters, shades, and energy saving blinds near San Jose, including Polyclad shutters, AllView shutters, and painted hardwood plantation shutters.

How Shutters Improve Energy Efficiency

Many factors contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home, which in turn directly affects the total you pay each month for utility usage. Reducing the amount of energy your home requires for mechanical heating and cooling is an easy and effective way to save money and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. There are two major ways in which window shutters improve your home’s energy efficiency:

  1. Shutters and many other insulating blinds in San Jose can be used to physically block the rays of the sun. Sunlight contains high-energy light that is responsible for raising the temperature inside your home. During warm weather, this means that your air conditioner must work harder to cool your home because sunlight counteracts the work it is doing to reduce the indoor temperature. By partially or fully blocking sunlight from entering your home, your shutters will reduce or eliminate solar heating and its associated higher energy costs.
  2. Shutters also form an added barrier that can help to insulate the glass of your windows. Glass can easily allow heat to transfer from one side to the other; particularly when it is cold outside, the heat from your home’s interior can leach out through your windows, while drafts can also lower the temperature inside your home and require additional heating from your HVAC system. By closing your shutters, you can improve the insulating properties of your windows and reduce the need for added heating for cool weather energy savings.

Adjustable Home Lighting with Shutters

Direct sunlight not only adds to home heating, it can contribute glare that affects visual comfort and the lighting conditions in your home throughout the day. Because your shutters allow you to instantly adjust the amount and type of light entering your home, they can eliminate glare while still allowing some natural light through your windows. This added control of your window coverings over natural lighting conditions will reduce the need for artificial lighting for further energy savings.

Shutters can help you save 20-30% on your annual home energy costs by reducing temperature changes and improving the quality of the natural light you receive. Bay Area Vinyl Shutters is ready to help you enjoy better home comfort and lower energy bills near San Jose—please call (800) 897-1444 to schedule your free in-home consultation today.

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