Shutter Cleaning Tips in San Jose

Window shutters provide a simple way to control the amount of light and visibility through your windows. Adding shutters is also a smart move that will increase your home’s value and its appearance from both the interior and exterior of your property. Caring for your shutters is an easy way to enjoy maximum returns on your investment in your window coverings and your home. When you purchase shutters in San Jose from Bay Area Vinyl Shutters, we’ll also make sure you have the information and resources you need to care for your new product throughout its lifetime.

Special Tips for Cleaning Shutters

  • It’s still important to use minimal water and a mild soap when caring for your shutters or curtain cleaning, as moisture and harsh curtain cleaning products can cause deterioration or warping with heavy exposure over time.
  • If you notice smudges or scuffs on your shutters, first try to remove them using a soft cloth or brush, but no water. In the case of more stubborn marks, use a damp cloth or a mild detergent or cleaning solution to rub the area until clean. Once you’ve removed the mark, dry the slat completely to minimize moisture contact.

Keeping Your Shutters Looking Their Best

The more often you clean a blind or your shutters, the less dirt and dust buildup you’ll need to remove for a faster cleaning job. If you haven’t cleaned your shutters in a while, you may need to plan for slightly more time to address added buildup. Combining your vacuum cleaner’s hose and brush attachment with an electrostatic cleaning tool or microfiber cloth is an effective solution to remove buildup that has occurred over the course of several weeks. Adding your shutters to your weekly home cleaning routine is the easiest way to make sure these areas are addressed regularly. Even if you prefer to clean the shutters in different rooms on different days, simply making sure you address each set of shutters once every one to two weeks is the optimal way to keep your window coverings looking like new.

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