Roller Shades in San Jose, CA

Roller shades

You initially fell in love with your San Jose, CA, home because of the spectacular view. A few years later, you saw how the sunlight zapped the color out of your furniture, throw rugs, and even your wall decorations. Keep on enjoying your beautiful view, while protecting your valuables from sun exposure, with the right window treatments from Bay Area Vinyl Shutters. Call our team today to learn how easy roller shades would be to install, and how easy they are to love!

Let the sunshine in—or not

With a little forethought, natural sunlight can be a beautiful design element in a home or office. Roller shades from Bay Area Vinyl Shutters are a wonderful window covering option to design with for a multitude of reasons, such as:

  • Elegantly manage the sun’s heat and glare with interior sun control fabrics.
  • Roller shades’ ability to diffuse light, reduce glare, and help control interior temperatures help make any room a more comfortable environment.
  • As they filter and diffuse light, roller shades also reduce the fading of textiles and interior furnishings.
  • Their sun control fabrics effectively provide energy efficient solutions by reducing the amount of solar heat gain.
  • Roller shades’ darker fabrics provide a superb view to the outside, while absorbing light, making them ideal for viewing computer and television screens.
  • For such applications where natural light and view are desired, roller shades provide the ideal combination of light control, visibility, solar protection, and heat reduction.
  • Roller shades in San Jose, CA, come with a bead and reel system to make it easy to raise and lower your shades.
  • Remote control systems are also available as a wall mount or as a hand control.
  • All of our roller shades are made in our local Milpitas, CA, factory, providing you with the finest craftsmanship and quality available.
  • Long lasting and affordable, roller shades are beautiful and ideally suited for residential and commercial applications, like apartment and office buildings.

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Every customer a cool customer

It happens every summer, like clockwork: your energy bills go through the roof from running your air conditioner 24/7. Your South-facing windows certainly don’t help matters. Is there any way you can cut back on your utility expenses, without blocking your view of the great outdoors, or spending a ton of money on fabric curtains? Absolutely, with roller window shades from Bay Area Vinyl Shutters! Visit our showroom in San Jose, CA, anytime, and take a look at all the options available in contemporary interior shades. Roller shades are easy to raise and lower, are economical, and offer almost unbeatable light-blocking and privacy benefits. Unlike some products, these really are everything they’re cracked up to be. Book an in-home product demonstration and judge for yourself.

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