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Vertical Blinds will add style and color to any window and room. Vertical blinds are perfect as patio door blinds because they allow you to control how far you pull the louvers across the window for easy exit and entry of your door. Vertical Blinds also let you control your view and privacy by turning the louvers to your desired position. With our Vertical Blinds, you can choose from classic and easy-to-clean PVC Vertical slats, or go for elegance with Fabric Vertical slats. With our Vertical Blinds in San Jose, you can choose from classic and easy-to-clean PVC Vertical slats, go for elegance with Fabric Vertical slats, or even choose our 2″ Vertical blinds with 2″ PVC slats.

Our PVC Vertical Blinds are one of today’s most popular choices for families with kids and pets, or anyone looking for durable, easy-to-clean window treatments in San Jose that insulate and darken rooms. Our PVC slats come in numerous colors and patterns with a high opacity and one of the thickest gauge slats on the market. The PVC slats on our Vertical Blinds also offer you the comfort of being flame retardant and are treated with an anti-static solution that aids in repelling dust for easier care.

The Fabric slats for the Vertical Blinds are available in two styles: free hang fabric slats with weights and inserted fabric slats. Free hang fabric slats with weights are pieces of fabric that hang from the tip without any supportive backing. These slats range from translucent to opaque and are weighted on the bottom for evenness in hanging. The Inserted fabric slats are louver grouver plastic slats that fabric is inserted into, thus the back is an off white pvc look and the front is the fabric. Both styles have a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from and a variation of valances as well.

We also offer heavy gauge aluminum slats for an environmentally friendly option. These slats are easy to maintain and provide a sleek modern look. Customers who are environmentally conscious about PVC will enjoy this beautiful option.

All of our Vertical Blinds are manufactured with a top-of-the-line vertical headrail. These headrails have self-lubricating and self-aligning carriers for ease of use, and come in a wand control style or a chain/pulley style. Our Vertical Blinds are constructed with all American-made materials and are manufactured in our Milpitas plant and come with a lifetime limited warranty. No matter which type and options you choose, you will enjoy your Vertical Blinds for years to come.

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